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This websites goal is to get peoples reactions to some of the most horrific things that can be said in our culture today. Most people go through life with little or no exposure to these types of things or people involved in the down and dirty. Our goal to expose them and see how they react! will be the primary point of storage for the media.

The method is easy; let them bring up something in the following list, and then talk about it!

Subjects to look for in conversations:

-          Racism

-          Drugs (risky)

-          Vandalism

-          Other forms of lawbreaking (risky)

-          Cock and dog fighting (could be fun)

-          Abortion

-          Dynamite fishing

-          Pranks (how ironic)

-          Pin holing contraceptives (risky)

-          STDs

-          DWI or DUI (risky)

-          Pollution

-          Fraud

-          Making a scene after getting fired from a job

-          Underground fighting

-          Gambling

-          Voyeurism

-          Amateur pornography

-          Fetish

-          Incest

-          Cutting

-          Stuff done to ex partners (referring to relationships)