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  • I am back at from college now and home for the summer.  I have decided to try to continue on my QG Mod for NWN.

  • Also, to those who are posting adds on my guestbook: STOP IT!!!  I will delete any advertisement I see.

  • Added a new section for my Neverwinter Nights Persistent World Mod called Adventures of the Realms.

  • Added a new Forum to the Page.  It is still under heavy construction, but parts of it are up and ready to go.  I am also working on changing the look to better match my site.


  • I am back at school now, so progress on my QG Mod for NWN will slow down a little, sorry.

  • Just recieved this email the today.

Attention Heroes!

Lori Cole and I need your help.  Before Monday morning, August 25th, if possible.

An extremely high-profile agent has taken interest in reading the QFG novel that Lori and I have written. I need ALL of you to email everyone you know, rally every QFG fan you've ever spoken to, and send everyone to this link:

Please post a BRIEF hello and thank you to Ms. Peterson for considering the book and tell her how much you'd love to see a QFG novel. Remember, you CAN make a difference!  If you don't know what to write, just write this:

Ms. Peterson -- Thank you so much for considering Lori and Mishell's novel.  I can't wait to read it."

If you have a BRIEF statement to make about why QFG or the concept of heroism is meaningful to you, please do so.

Please try to make it to the site before Monday morning, August 25th. I know this is short notice, and I apologize. I also apologize for directing you to a particular message board at the expense of others, but we do have to unite at this point and one rallying point is as good as any.

Thank you SO much in advance and please, spread this like a VIRUS the moment you read it. Leave no email unturned. I'm counting on you, so draw your sword and CHARGE!!!



  • Ok...Ok...I finally decided to update my page after 2 years!!  Here is the deal, college has taken up allot of time, so less time for games and web editing.  But now that I am almost done I have some time and more motivation.

  • What's new you ask (or not, fine by me :P)? Well, my largest addition is my Neverwinter Nights Section (parts in progress).  Also added are a Star Wars Jedi Knight II Page, a map links on my Quest for Glory Main Page, and I have finally finished the StarCraft Page.

  • I am currently working on a a Baldur's Gate Page (in progress) and an Icewind Dale Page (in progress).

  • More links have been added including a Hero6 and QGII VGA link.

  • The downloads page has been slimmed down due to web hosting limitations.  More links have been provided, but walkthroughs that I find are good have been posted.  I am also working on my own walkthroughs.

  • Small fixes through out the site have been made, including the guest gook, which now works.  I moved most page links to the side bar for easy access.

  • I have also started an interesting project.  I am working on a Quest for Glory Mod for Neverwinter Nights!  It is an ambitions project but I am hoping people will like it.

  • Please note, not all new pages are completely done but I am working on it.  I am spending most of time this summer on my QG Mod for NWN Project.

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Feel free to contact me to give suggestions.  Any feedback I get will make this page better.

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