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What is Quest for Glory?

Quest for for Glory is an action packed adventure role playing game series.   The series consists of  5 games spanning 5 unique lands.  You have the choice of three different character classes:  Fighter, Thief, and Wizard.   If you are lucky,  you can get a fourth character class:  the Paladin (my personal favorite).  The Paladin is the ultimate character class, combining the skills of all the other classes.  However, if you act dishonorably, you can lose these powers and cease to be a Paladin.

The Beginning:  Quest for Glory I:  So, You Want to Be a Hero

After leaving the Famous Adventures Correspondence School, you set out to complete the final exam:  to be a hero.   Thus the title of the first game: So, You Want to be a Hero.  You begin this quest in the land of Speilburg.  You also learn that you are part of a prophecy (you are part of a prophecy in almost all of  the games).  You will be forced to deal with deadly brigands, hordes of goblins, dangerous sauruses, an evil kobold, and an ogress with an attitude.  After you free the land of all these evils, you are proclaimed a Hero!!!

The Vacation:  Quest for Glory II:  Trial by Fire

Now that you are a hero, some friends you make take you on a vacation to their homeland of Shapeir.  Just when you think you can sit down for a peaceful cup of tea, trouble pops up.  Raseir, the sister city of Shapeir, has been taken over by an evil magical unknown force.  This force sends evil elementals in an attempt to destroy Shapeir.  You first test is to stop the deadly fire elemental.   Defeating it is you first test, your trial by fire.  Being the hero, it's your job to take care of these unsavory magical menaces.  After taking care of the elementals, it's time to take care of the source.  You travel to Raseir to confront the evil wizard, Ad-Avis, and destroy to destroy him.  For your deeds, the Emir of Shapeir takes you as his son and makes you a Prince.  If you are lucky, you will also be named a Paladin!

Where Trouble Waits, You Go:  Quest for Glory III:   Wage of War

When you learn of trouble arising in the Kingdom of Tarna.   You set out to bring peace between two native tribe in the kingdom and stop the waging of war.  You soon learn that a greater evil is behind the aggressive feelings between these people.   The greater evil are demons from another dimension.  A gate between between the two world was gaped by the death of an old friend, Ad-Avis.  When his magical energy was released, the gate was opened.  You soon find out where Demon Wizard (leader of the demons) is hiding, out and you take him out and close the gate.   However, you have no time to celebrate.   After you return to talk to the friends who helped you, dark magic teleports you away to far off and unknown land.

Big Trouble:  Quest for Glory IV:  Shadows of Darkness

You awaken to find yourself in a dark cave.  All your equipment was left behind when you were teleported.  A young beautiful woman greets you when you get out of the cave.  She tells you where you are: Mordavia.  Mordavia is a land consumed by shadowy darkness.  A dire looking swamp blocks all passage out of he valley.  You are stuck in this vile land. Being the hero you are, it is your job to rid the land of its' evils.  You encounter many strange people and beings and you will do several different mini-quests throughout the game.  However you are force to the dirty work of and evil (but hot) vampire and your old friend turned vampire, Ad-Avis.  You must seek out the rituals to summon the Dark One, a monster composed of dark magic and that feed off of life.  After reciting all of the rituals, Ad-Avis tries to kill you but the vampire chick saves you.  After killing off Ad-Avis, you find and free the soul of Erana.  The Dark One is banished forever and you have a happy ending.  The Wizard Erasmus whisks you away to be a her in yet another land.

He Who Would be King:  Quest for Glory V:  Dragon Fire

Erasmus explains that the land of Silmaria is in need of a hero.   The king has been assassinated and mercenaries are invading.  Strange and dangerous creatures are terrorizing the land.  Only a great hero can save the island of Marete from doom.  That hero is you!  You are asked to enter the Rites of Rulership to determine a new king for Silmaria.  You will encounter many old friend and enemies in this land.  But beware, for an assassin is out to kill you.   After completing the rights, yada yada yada, you are chosen to become the new king.  Or, if you are a paladin, you can refuse the crown.  I am making this brief as to not spoil it for new people since this is a new game.

Here are a bunch of game maps to help you get around if you get stuck or lost.  Click the link to get the map.

Quest for Glory I Map

Quest for Glory II Map

Quest for Glory III Map

Quest for Glory IV Map

Quest for Glory V Map

Remember, cheats may be fun to use, but they do take away from the gaming experience.  Also remember that cheats can screw up your game and cause crashes. I am not accountable for any problems that occur from using these cheats.

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